Effective Article Writing Tips

“Pen is mightier than the sword”, we all have heard this saying. It is right in every sense of the word. As students, we were never successful without developing writing skills. As a student or a professional, you have to write daily. There are projects and homework that make the most of our Scheduled tasks. So, writing has always been a part of our lives.

Effective Article Writing Tips

There has been an emergence of a profession with the name of “freelancers”, “copywriters” and “content writers”, who are trying to make a mark for themselves by meeting the prerequisites of Effective Article writing.

Do you wish to make the piece of matter that you just wrote very catchy and make a cut above the edge impression? If yes, then this is for you.

Article writing plays a pivotal role in today’s era. Every aspect of our lives requires reading and writing, which makes the demand for article writing very high. All the branches of our economy need article writing at some point or the other. There are many online websites, wherein you can pay for their service of writing an article for you within a specific time frame. These professionals add unique and original content based on the topic chosen. That goes without saying that these services are paid.

The standard format of Article Writing :

The standard format of article writing

To add the element of Impact in your Article writing one needs to adhere to a Right Format. In my potential, I have listed the steps for a correct format of Article Writing.

Zero down to a topic

Jotting down the topic on which you want to write an article is very important. It gives you immense clarity and provides you with the way a direction. Having a course, would, in turn, lead you to a proper destination.


Post zeroing down to your topic, the next vital step is to draft an outline. It enables you to sharpen your thoughts. It allows you to communicate your feelings to your readers and makes the content more relatable.


It is of vital importance to do some research on the chosen topic. Doing some research makes your article reliable as your audience can connect to your article in no time.

The first point of contact

Presume that your readers have zero knowledge and you are their 1st point of contact to gain the understanding of a particular topic that you have chosen. It helps you to write more responsibly and with correct facts and figures.

Simple sentences

The key to effective article writing is to frame simple and easily understood sentences. It gives life to the content as the reader can connect and appreciate each word written.


The writer has to be very precise and to the point while drafting an article. For effective article writing, the writer should be very focused and at any cost not deviate from the topic.

Short and Sweet

For effective article writing, the matter should be short and sweet. The shorter the sentences, the more impactful they become. As a writer, you need to cut down unnecessary words and lengthy sentences. Too many words in an article would make you lose the plot.

Disconnect from the world

While you sit down to write an article, ensure that you are disconnected from the world and completely immersed in the topic. As a writer, you cannot afford any type of distraction while drafting an article, as it would make, you lose connectivity with your text and also your audience in the long run.


For effective article writing, one needs to choose a calm and serene place. It would allow the thoughts to flow more smoothly and help you build good content. A minor shift in the venue can make you motivated as a writer who in return, would give your reader a great content.


Effective Article Writing will not happen overnight. It takes a lot of practice. It can happen only when you keep writing and evolving yourself.

There are four main types of Article writing

Four main types of Article writing

Descriptive writing

As the name says, it explains to the reader in a very descriptive manner that makes use of all the five senses. Descriptive writing is often personal and subjective.


This kind of article contains the opinion of the writer. It includes reasons, arguments, and justifications to convince the reader to agree with the writer’s views and accept the idea that the writer is trying to convey.


The style of writing is used while telling a story. It is the most versatile style, as it allows the writer to give words to his imagination. It is inclusive of the dialogues and has a systematic & logical start and end.


This article’s writing style is very similar to Descriptive writing. It includes facts and figures. It is mostly not inclusive of the writer’s opinions. Expository writing is typically impersonal.

Effective Article writing also depends on the Voice and Tone of the article.

This article’s writing style is very similar to Descriptive writing. It includes facts and figures. It is mostly not inclusive of the writer’s opinions. Expository writing is typically impersonal.

Effective Article writing also depends on the Voice, Tone and Flow of the article.


It is a perspective in which the information is shared. Do the readers hear a more personal voice through your piece of article, or do they hear an authoritative voice from your piece of writing?


The tone is the direct reflection of the writer’s style. For example, is the writing filled with complex sentences? Is it emotional or logical? Does it adhere to the grammar rules? Can your audience relate to you? These parameters are the deciding factor of the tone hidden in your article.


Flow refers to nothing but the rhythm that the writer adopts but respecting the Figures of Speech in grammar and make the article more useful.

How to Learn Effective Article Writing

Learn Effective Article Writing

You learn to Swim only by “Swimming.”
Learn to Read, only by “Reading.”
Learn to Talk only by “Talking.”
Similarly, You can Learn Effective Writing only by “Writing”.

Writing style develops only with time. Once you create the art of writing, it would gradually lead you to understand your style of writing. Once you become aware of your natural style of writing, it would make you open new avenues for yourself. As a writer, you need to experiment with other forms of writing as well because not to forget that, “Beauty of the writer lies in the Versatility of the Writer”.


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