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“English, English, English, English, English!!!!!

I wish there was an English Grammar Course Online!

English Grammar Course Online

Hey wait, that is not a typo error. This is what Vrinda said continuously over the phone while talking to her mother. Who Vrinda? Some of you might recollect her. No, you can’t then let make you go through the guidance that I gave her last time. Check out the Guide below for the best ways on How to practice English First :

Guide on How to Practice English Speaking Online

Now, Allow me to take you back to the conversation that Vrinda had with her mother this morning. Ok, so Vrinda is a girl from another city, who has come to try her luck in Mumbai- the city of dreams. She is very ambitious and talented. She holds a reputed name in her hometown. This appreciation and encouragement that she received since her childhood made her dream to come to Mumbai and be a part of this city.

It has been 3 months since Vrinda is in Mumbai. Her parents are extremely proud of her and today is the day when she decided to have a heart to heart conversation with her mother. 

“English is a hilarious language”, said Vrinda to her mother. She continued, “Mother, the university degrees help till an individual level, but after that, it is English- the language that people living in Mumbai are expected to know. Excellent communication in English with apt grammar added with the element of Confidence is what the companies in Mumbai want to see. Hearing this Vrinda’s mother said, “But you know English so well”. Vrinda said, “No mother, the English that I learnt was incorrect. I was just talking and talking without having knowledge of Grammar. Mumbai has made me realise that Grammar plays a crucial role in English Communication. A grammatically correct statement makes a powerful impact and has a lasting impression on the person at the other end. 

Do you agree with Vrinda that Grammar is of utmost importance while communicating in English? yes, No or Don’t know? Let me help you.

How Important is English Grammar?

The accuracy of the conversation is enhanced by making use of correct grammar in the statement. The groundwork is laid by Practicing grammar for effective communication. One of the best ways to improve your grammar is by practising writing. But before you start please take some guidance on how it can be done with Effective Article Writing Tips.

Effective Article Writing Tips

Effective writing immensely helps to improve our grammar. It is a process that involves writing, reading and practising altogether. Grammar equips you with the rules for both spoken and written language so that your message can be easily understood. English Grammar is of acute importance. It acts as a medium that conveys precise meanings from the speaker or writer to the receiver of the message or the audience at large.

Grammar can either make a conversation or break it. The grammar in your communication decides the output of your conversation. To get your desired result, one has to excel in the skill of Grammar that is used while framing a statement.

In today’s busy working cultures, people do not have time to even breath, so physically attending a classroom training is not a good option. The best part is to get classroom training Online. How? By joining an English Grammar course Online. An English Grammar course Online gives you the liberty to learn the language at your own pace. It gives you the comfort of being in touch with the topic anytime and anywhere- thanks to the technology.

The forms and structures of words are explained by Grammar.

English Grammar has many aspects. For gaining fluency in the language, grammar needs to be perfectly understood and dealt with. Let me Brief you through these aspects.

Parts of Speech in English Grammar

Parts of Speech in English Grammar

Grammar has 8 Parts of Speech. These are the building blocks of Grammar.

  1. Nouns – the name of a person, place, animal or a thing.
    Example- Vrinda, Mumbai, Lion, Laptop.
  2. Pronouns – a word used in place of a Noun.
    Example: I, we, you, they, he, she, it.
  3. Verbs mean Action in a sentence.
    Example – Go, Read, Write, Drive
  4. Adjectives- a word that describes more about a Noun.
    Example- Pretty, Naughty, Huge, Gentle.
  5. Adverbs-  a word that describes a Verb.
    Example-Slowly, Fast, Loudly, Properly.
  6. Prepositions- it describes the position of something, the time when it happens and the manner in which a thing is done.
    Example- In, at, on.
  7. Conjunctions- a word that is used to connect the sentences.
    Example-and, but, for, or, so.
  8. Interjections- words used to express strong feelings or sudden emotions.
    Example- Alas, oops, ouch, oh

Just like the foundation of English Grammar is laid by parts of speech. Tenses play an essential role in Scaling up this foundation.



Tenses refer to time reference which is in direct variation to the moment it is spoken. In other words, Tense is a Time shown in its grammatical form.

Tenses are important because it provides the information that enables the reader or listener of your message to comprehend it in terms of the time when it actually happened. Either it is still going on or Finished. On needs to eliminate grammatical errors for a free-flowing and engaging conversation. These errors can be on the path of elimination when they are practised with time play a pivotal role. The practice of speaking in the English language is the only way to gain fluency in the same. Just having verbatim information of Grammar will not lead us to the path gaining fluency in the English Language and tenses are one of the most essential elements that help in enhancing this practice.

Basic English Grammar

Basic English Grammar

Basic English Grammar is the foundation of the English language. With inadequate knowledge of words,  spellings and their pronunciations,  you are welcoming silly errors that can be easily avoided by Understanding the Basics

Before we become an expert in our English language communication, we need to lay an excellent foundation. We should first understand the Basics of English Grammar and then move upwards. Jumping directly to the higher level of the language will not serve the purpose and will act as a demotivating factor. Being always in touch with the language makes you stay rooted and enhances the quality of your conversation in the English language with others.

In order to become an excellent orator, Grammar is of crucial importance. In order to convey the thoughts and knowledge in an effective and acceptable manner, application of accurate grammar and appropriate vocabulary are the keys.

It is very evident that people with the knowledge of grammar rules and regulations tend to learn spoken English faster than the ones who lack this knowledge.

The grammar used by you in your conversation is the reflection of your image. You have already made an impression, be it Good or Bad.

An English Grammar Course Online, helps you to be in touch with the language regularly till it becomes your second nature. It helps you to understand the system of the language. The process of learning Grammar starts with our school life. Grammar allows us to learn the language in depth. 

An English Grammar course online would thus enable you to learn and adhere to various rules and aspects of grammar while communicating in English. However Just reading the grammar rules will not make you an excellent English Orator, you need to practice by speaking continuously in English. This requires a coach and that too one that is available during your availability. The best way to pass this hurdle is by taking an English Grammar Course Online that helps one to achieve growth and fluency in the language at your own pace.


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